2 Kinds of People In This World: Things That Polarize Everyone

Should the beginning of the toilet roll be around the back, or looping over the front? This has divided nations and torn families apart since time immemorial. But it isn’t the only thing that polarizes people. Consider the simple act of squeezing toothpaste in the morning. Do you squeeze from the middle or from the bottom? Those of you who squeeze from the middle strike me as free wheeling anarchists with no idea how to keep a balanced society in order. But I digress.

A tumblr account called 2 Kinds of People has begun collecting these oddities for us all to enjoy. Check ’em out.

Condiments all over or in a neat pile for dipping?


Landscape or portrait shots?


Free for all or ordered by height? (Bonus points for alphabetical order)


Chopsticks or give up and use a fork?


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Stick or straight?


Dog ear or bookmark?


Lie about your age or tell the truth online?


How do you cut it?


Maths and numbers your bag?


Crust or avoid at all costs?


Fold your book in half or keep it flat?


  1. Annie says:

    There’s a special place in Hell for people who dogear books, turn them back on themselves and break the spines (and make the pages fall out) and who don’t store them in alphabetical order-how can they be found again if they’re done by size or colour ? Imagine if Uncle Lye (Uncle Lye Berry, my kind relation who lends me books) did his books that way.

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