A Third Of Vegetarians Eat Meat When They Do This One Thing

A survey conducted by the very reputable VoucherCodesPro.co.uk found that out of 1,789 vegetarians 37% admitted to eating meat while under the influence of alcohol.

‘Kebab meat’ and ‘beef burgers’ were voted the most common meat for vegetarians to give into when drunk.

Initially, respondents were asked ‘When drunk, do you ever eat meat?’ To this, over a third of respondents (37%) admitted that they did so. The remaining 63% of respondents were adamant that they never ate meat when drunk.

Following on from this, respondents who disclosed that they had eaten meat when drunk were asked to disclose how often they did so. Respondents were presented with a list of possible answers and were asked to select which applied to them. Results were as follows:

  1. Every time you are drunk on a night out– 34%
  2. Fairly often – 26%
  3. Rarely – 22%
  4. Occasionally – 18%

Next, the same group of respondents were asked to indicate which foods they were most likely to eat when drunk. Again, respondents were presented with a list of possible answers and were asked to select all that applied to them. The top 5 meats for vegetarians to eat when drunk were:

  1. Kebab meat – 39%
  2. Beef Burgers – 34%
  3. Bacon – 27%
  4. Fried Chicken – 19%
  5. Pork Sausages – 14%

I think of all the things to accidentally do while drunk, eating a bit of meat isn’t so bad. I think we can let them off the hook for this one.


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