Intimate Final Marilyn Monroe Photos Emerge


Marilyn Monroe is one of those figures in history who has garnered so much admiration and adoration over the years that she’s transcended individuality to become an icon. Fascination with the allure of the 50’s starlet continues to this day – but rarely seen photos taken just two weeks before her death show a more grounded side to the Hollywood sex symbol.

Marilyn Monroe Last Shoot Series Lying on Beach

Her revealing Vogue shoot is commonly known as The Last Sitting, but a handful of photographs taken almost a full month later by close friend George Barris have emerged and are now up for auction.

Marilyn Monroe Last Shoot Series

Marilyn Monroe Last Shoot Series pout face

The intimate pictures show Monroe in a more natural light, wrapped in a towel on Santa Monica beach and lounging in a Hollywood house. All six of the photographs up for auction are signed prints by the photographer, many created shortly after the shots were taken.


Marilyn Monroe Last Shoot Series fingers

Marilyn Monroe Last Shoot Series 2

The final six will go under the hammer alongside six prints from The Last Sitting, also signed by the photographer, and are expected to fetch around $6,000 each.

Marilyn Monroe Last Shoot Series sitting on steps

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