Japanese Girl Finds The Absolute Worst Way to Pluck Nose Hairs

In what could possibly be the most painful looking video you see all day a Japanese teenager has found the product of our nightmares. The box features a Mr. Bean type individual holding a greenish thing on a stick. The product is called “Gosso“, which is like a brazilian nose wax.

It appears to be some sort of cotton bud on a stick covered in wax. You warm it up in the microwave and jam it in your nose. Leave it to set for a while and then yank like crazy for maximum effect! She doesn’t have much trouble with the first one but the second one took a lot more elbow grease and a lot more screaming.

The 19 year old youtuber RaMu is part of a J-pop girl group called KissBee Zero, but it seems like she’s found popularity in the West for ruining her perfectly good nose.

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