This is What Smartphones Are Doing To Our Romantic And Sex Lives

A study put out by Coupofy has find exactly what smartphones are doing to our sex lives. The study used 2,000 people and found that our phones are having a major affect on our romances.

For example, 33% of people have used a phone to get out of a bad date. I’m assuming it was via the “Hey something just came up, I gotta go!” variety.

Also 29% haven’t got their head entirely on the game, and keep their phone within site at all times to keep an eye out for new notifications.

However it’s helped 23% of people find it easier to get dates or hookups via apps like Tinder & 15% of people have multiple dating apps. Interestingly entrepreneurs are most likely to have multiple dating apps. I guess they know how to play the odds.

However “smartphone addiction” is a deal breaker for 40% of millenials. So for that 29% who are always looking out for notifications, you’ve been warned.

Check out more of the findings below

Cellphones Affect on sex lives

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