Study – Getting Married Causes You to Put on Weight

It’s generally accepted that marriage brings benefits that include better health and life expectancy. Numerous studies have backed this up. But a new piece of research that was recently released by Researchers at the University of Basel and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development have found that “Happy fat” may be a real thing affecting married couples.

The study compared body mass indexes of married couples and single people from 9 different European countries.

What the study found was that married couples ate better than their single friends, having a higher preference for organic and free trade food. Despite this married couples weighed significantly more and did less sport.

For women, the average index was 25.1 for singles and 25.6 for married women.


“According to the World Health Organization, a normal body mass index is between 18.5 and 25. Overweight is defined as an index between 25 and 30, and obesity as above 30. The average body mass index of the single men in the study was 25.7; that of the married men was 26.3. For women, the average index was 25.1 for singles and 25.6 for married women.”

The difference may seem small but this would be around an added 2kg more for married people.

So watch yourself, those vows come at a price.


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