These Are The Industries Women’s Influence are Growing In The Most

Four decades ago we could hardly imagine a female judge or lawyer in the United States. Now however their representation has dramatically increased.

Data pulled from the Census Bureau show just how far women in the workforce have come, and how far they have to go.

Infographic: Women's Evolving Role In The Labor Force | Statista

While we see that representation among typically female roles such as nurses and dental assistants remain massive, women are also starting to find roles as physicians and surgeons. Other healthcare roles also include Pharmacists, which have seen massive growth since the 70s.

Roles that have typically been seen as a mans job have also seen more females joing the ranks, such as police officers and civil engineers.

Data shows that the gender divide of who is in the labour force is increasingly narrowing. in 1970 the workforce was only represented by 38% women, while now it’s almost even at 47%.cb12-225_acs5yr_figure1


Other reports pulled from the Census Bureau have also found that women are also important job creators.

In 2007, women owned 7.8 million businesses and accounted for 28.7 percent of all businesses nationwide, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners. These firms generated $1.2 trillion in receipts, about 3.9 percent of all business receipts nationwide.

As business owners, women in 2007 had a major impact on the nation’s economy, employing more than 7.6 million workers

“As business owners, women in 2007 had a major impact on the nation’s economy, employing more than 7.6 million workers,” said Census Bureau Deputy Director Thomas Mesenbourg. “In addition, the businesses they owned equally with men added another 8.1 million workers. Furthermore, businesses where women were owners or half-owners numbered 12.4 million firms, representing 45.7 percent of all firms.”

While women are still fighting for equal pay and equal representation, the things achieved so far are still massive.


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