This Australian Mum Had Quintupplets and Did The Cutest Photoshoot With Them

Surprised by Five blogger Kimberley Tucci shared this adorable photoshoot she had with her little ones Beatrix, Penelope, Allie, Tiffany, and Keith.

They’re so cute in fact that the story is sweeping the world! On January 28, 2016 Kim gave birth to four healthy gorgeous girls and a handsome boy at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth.

Kim and Vaughn are a loving, close and family orientated couple, and feel blessed to have received the gift of five perfectly heathy babies. Kim is a wonderful mother and Vaughn a fantastic father, the pressures placed on this young couple go far beyond what many of us could ever imagine. Each day they strive to make their family as happy as they possibly can without passing on their worries and concerns to each other.

At the moment they have a GoFundMe page set up to help them buy a car big enough to tote the kids around in, so if you feel the urge to help this couple out then make sure you send a dollar their way!

Quintupplets (2)

Quintupplets (3)

Quintupplets (1)

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