The Chablis region is in the northernmost part of the Burgundy wine growing region in France. It is closest to the renown Champagne region and the area that many Champagnes will draw their Chardonnay grapes from. The best growing area here is called the Grand Crus, where most of these grapes come from. To be designated as Chablis under Appellation d’origine contrôlée, the wine needs to be 100% Chardonnay.

The area that this wine is derived from is the Petit Chablis – a growing area just above the grand crus. This area produces quite a dry style with a typical flinty/steely flavour. The minerality is derived from the chalky soils – rich in minerals and fossilised oysters.

This is a wine that made me feel like I was biting into a fresh crisp apple. The balance of raised acidity and citrus flavours made the wine incredibly refreshing. The bouquet has fruity, floral and mineral notes.

This is a light and lively wine – perfect with big plate of oysters!

Star and a half