12 Life-changing Beauty Secrets That Supermodels Swear By

When it comes to looking good, it’s a universal truth that supermodels know a thing or two about looking #flawless. Because really, have you ever seen Kate Moss or Elle Macpherson having a bad hair day? Didn’t think so.

In her new book Supermodel Tips: Runway secrets from the world’s top models, Carly Hobbs delves deep into the world of supermodel beauty secrets, sharing some of the industry’s most coveted beauty secrets. Here are 12 to get you started. Spoiler alert – these tips are going to change your life.


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1. Models can often be found using toothpaste to brighten their nails. Seriously. It removes that yellow tinge.

2. Short nails? File them into square, strong shapes. If they are longer, a rounded, more stiletto shape will look best.

3. Before layering on nail colours, give your talons a swipe with a cotton bud dipped in remover. It removes traces of dust and dirt so the varnish can sit smoothly.

4. Every good model’s manicurist always has cotton buds dipped in remover to hand. Any spills or smudges can be quickly cleared up.

5. In a model-esque rush? No time to let your nails dry? Do one thin layer in a sheer shade, then run them under cool water to set the polish. It won’t make them dry completely, so you still need to be careful, but it does reduce the chance of smudging.