Chrissy Teigen dressed her baby like a mermaid and it is the cutest thing we have ever seen

It’s no secret that Chrissy Teigen, husband John Legend and baby Luna are one of the cutest families in Hollywood.

Pretty much every photo they post has us gushing for days, however the most recent photo of baby Luna that is circling the internet is undoubtedly the most adorable photo yet.

The other day Teigen took to snapchat to share the most adorable photo of Luna dressed as a mermaid! *crying at the cuteness*
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The tiny crocheted mermaid costume was a gift from Vita Coco, a company that Chrissy Teigen has just become a spokesperson for.

I literally have no idea why tiny baby mermaid costumes are a thing, but I am in loveeeeeeee!

And now Chrissy Teigen has taken cute to a whole new level with this photo she snapped of baby Luna dressed like a mermaid.

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