Experts Say That Eating These 4 Foods Will Make You Live Longer

We all know that what you eat can have a significant impact on your body – from maintaining a healthy weight, to clearing your skin, to setting yourself up for a great night of sleep, food is key.

As scientific study develops, more and more research suggests that what we eat also has an impact on how long we live and a poor diet has regularly been associated with a  number of life-shortening chronic diseases.

Want to live longer? Start by eating these foods and you’ll be in with a good chance.

1. Fish

According to a study from Ohio State University the omega-3s in fatty fish like salmon are fantastic at keeping your whole body youthful as it can play a key role in reducing inflammation – a condition that is liked to a number of diseases such as heart disease, allergies, cancer and Alzheimer’s.


2. Spice

Not a fan of spice? Research suggests that if you want to live longer, it may be time to change this. A study of more than 450,000 Chinese men and women found that those who ate spice six times a week had a 14 percent lower risk of mortality than those who ate spice once a week or less.


Image Credits: Instagram @urbanoutfitters


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