Hair Tutorial: Curl Your Hair Using Only A Sponge And A Hair Tie (Seriously!)

In case you haven’t heard, curly hair is back big time and the beauty world is scrambling to find new ways to get the perfect curly look. While perms and curling wands are all great things, if you already having dry, damaged, dyed or breaking hair, chances are that you probably don’t want to expose your hair to heat and chemicals if you don’t absolutely have to.

Thankfully for us, one very clever Instagrammer has discovered a way to curl your hair using only a sponge and a hair tie… yes, this is real life! Best of all, it’s actually not too hard to master.

So how is it done? Beauty guru Charmie Jane says that the best way to get luscious curls is to wrap your hair around a rectangular sponge, fold them in half, and secure them with a hair tie or rubber band. While it may seem pretty out there, according to experts the sponge is actually a very similar material to the old fashioned sponge rollers that your grandma probably used, so overall it actually makes sense.

Good afternoon beautiful people! 💖 (Or good morning wherever you are in the world ☺️)… New heatless hair video coming up on how I got these voluminous loose waves 😊Just to warn’s not the usual way you curl your hair! But here I am again being random af 😂 But it doesn’t say “makeup & randomness” in my bio if I don’t add that randomness in 😆✌🏼️ —————————– • • • • #inssta_makeup #hairmakeupdiary #brian_champagne #melformakeup #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #allmodernmakeup #hair_videos #hairvideodiary #shophudabeauty #makeuptutorialsx0x #styleartists #UndiscoveredVideos #fashionarttut #Heatlesscurls #hairandnailfashion #1minutemakeup #loucaspormaquiagem #makeupfanatic1 #overnightcurls #makeupartistsworldwide #glamvids #makeupaddict #videosbeauty #marysmotives #MakeUpClips #makeupvideoss #justhairvids @brian_champagne @hairmakeupdiary @glamvids @hair.videos @hair.trending @makegirlz @hairvideodiary @styleartists @hudabeauty

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Still not convinced? Charmie Jane says that she was a skeptic too, until she gave it a go. “Heatless waves with dish sponges?? Say what? 💡🍽🍴 I searched around and saw if it would actually work (and to confirm that I’m not going crazy),” she wrote on Instagram.

Watch the Instagram video below and give it a go!

Heatless waves with dish sponges?? Say what? 💡🍽🍴 I searched around and saw if it would actually work (and to confirm that I’m not going crazy). So then I saw beautyklove on YouTube curl her hair with bigger sponges, and I thought I would give it a go, however with those ordinary sponges you wash your dishes with (of course make sure it’s not used 😄) I noticed the thicker the hair, the bigger the sponge you need to use, but my hair is thin so I used the small ones. Also, if you have thicker hair I would recommend using actual hair ties, and not elastics, to bring the sponges together 💖@hudabeauty @hairmakeupdiary @allmodernmakeup @wakeupandmakeup • • 🎶🎶 Galantis- No Money (Two Friends Remix) • • #hairmakeupdiary #brian_champagne #melformakeup #wakeupandmakeup #hudabeauty #allmodernmakeup #hair_videos #hairvideodiary #shophudabeauty #makeuptutorialsx0x #styleartists #maquillajesvideos #fashionarttut #Heatlesscurls #hairandnailfashion #1minutemakeup #loucaspormaquiagem #laurag_143 #makeupfanatic1 #makeupartistsworldwide #glamvids #videosbeauty #marysmotives #MakeUpClips #Shimycatsmua #makeupvideoss #justhairvids #hypnaughtypower #peachyqueenblog #Fakeupfix @hairarttut @glamvids @hair.videos @hair.trending @hairvideodiary @styleartists

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Image Credits: Instagram


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