Margot Robbie Just Proved That She Is A First Class Sass Queen By Calling Out “Creepy” Paparazzi

It’s no secret that actress Margot Robbie is basically a major bad ass – like seriously have you seen the trailer for Suicide Squad?

But just in case you didn’t already love her, Robbie just earned massive brownie points in our book by getting amazingly real and posting an image on Instagram that totally called out paparazzi for being “creepy” and invasive.

While surfing in Hawaii alongside her man Tom Ackerley, Robbie wiped out big time and the moment was caught on camera by some lurking paparazzi.

While the actress somehow still managed to look flawless even in massive fail moment, it was clear that Robbie was slightly annoyed that she can’t even fall off her surfboard without making headlines.

Taking to Instagram Robbie posted the picture of herself, with the caption, Photo cred to the creepy pap hiding in the bushes. Thanks for always catching me at my best angles #blessed.”

Now that’s what I call sass. Go girl!

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