How To Shape Up Your Home With The Bold Geometric Trend

Triangles, prisms, and octagons are featuring everywhere within contemporary interior design at the moment, with geometric pieces and patterns created a sophisticated but playful atmosphere. This style has become a fashionable asset to modern design and can’t help but make you fall in love with geometry even if you despised it at school! From walls, art, furniture, mirrors, accent pieces and upholstery there is so much you can do with geometric styling that will give your home that elegant feel you have always desired. But how can you achieve it?

Duvet covers, rugs, and curtains: If your room is plain and simple, add either a duvet cover, rug, or curtain with a geometric print to liven it up and give it that wow factor! Accompanied with a solid coloured accessory will really make it stand out!

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Accessories: Whether it is candles, mirrors, baskets, vases, or boxes you simply can’t go wrong with geometric style, adding a little bit of flair to any room and making it chic and modern.

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Lighting: While chandeliers have always been popular, those that are more prism like have come to the fore of interior design, making the room appear more striking. Even simple geometric lamps make a world of difference!

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Furniture: Whether it is a small side table or a couch with a geometric print, the sharp geometric lines will freshen up your room!

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If you are in the process of designing your home, you simply can’t miss out on this trend. The sharp lines create a sense of elegance and chicness that suits any contemporary home!