4 Effortlessly Stylish Ways To Wear A Band Tee

I am a massive fan of the humble band tee. It’s one of my wardrobe staples that’s stuck with me from the days of being an angst-filled teenager into my 20’s. Although I often end up styling them in the exact same boring ways. Lately I’ve been doing my best to get out of this band tee rut and thought I’d share a few styling tips on how to style a band tee in a way other than chucking it on with a pair of skinny jeans.

1. Worn as a dress

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Wearing over-sized band tees is great because it’s super comfy and in-style at the moment. I’ve seen what feels like a million different pictures on Insatgram of women wearing a men’s sized tee as a dress and I love it! It’s perfect for Spring and Summer and layering it with fishnet stockings can also be done if you want a more grunge look. If you’re a bit worried about how short it is you can always stick on a pair of little black shorts and you’re festival ready.

2. Sporty vibes

By adding a tennis skirt and some sneakers you can give your band tee a more sports-inspired look. I love the way tees look tucked into skirts anyway and tennis skirts are just so cute.

3. Tied up


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If you have a pair of boyfriend jeans or any high-waisted jeans or shorts, tying up your tee can look great. It’s a good way to show a sneaky bit of skin especially if it’s a warm day. If you have any statement belts it’s also a great way to show them off. I love the look of it with a white faux leather jacket.

4. Customised

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At the moment there are so many places selling modified band shirts. From ones with corset style lace-ups to deep-v cut outs these are very in right now. Places like Asos and Topshop are all cashing in on this trend. It’s great because it really makes the top a statement piece that you can just pair with anything. Basically any jeans or leggings will look good with these, put a cute bralette underneath and the look is complete.


Image Credits: Instagram: @zoelondondj


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