The Gorgeous Road Trips You Need To Take This Summer

It’s almost Summer time again and I am hyped! Summer is the perfect time to really enjoy the beautiful country that we live in and explore it all, and what better way to do that then by taking a road trip? We’re pretty lucky in New Zealand as you don’t have to travel very far before you end up at the beach or in a forest so there’s a lot of choices for road trips, whether you want it to just be for the day or if you’re planning a mega adventure with your mates.

Here’s a few gorgeous New Zealand spots you and your girl gang should make sure to check out as the weather gets warmer.

1. Cathedral Cove

2. Tawharanui

wishing I could wake up to this view more often

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3. Whangarei Falls

4. Goat Island

5. Cape Reinga

6. Karekare Falls

7. Blue Springs