Blake Lively Calls Bull On The Public’s Obsession With the “Post-baby Body”

Celebrity mums are very popular within the media scene – there’s no doubt about it. What they wear, how they regain their pre-pregnancy bods and keeping up with their cute Instagram pics definitely make up a lot of the media’s content. In an interview with Sunrise, Lively talks about the challenges of filming The Shallows so soon after having her first child.

“This movie was a physical challenge as much as it was an acting challenge… I had to do a lot of endurance training” she said, adding that it was 8 months after she had her first child, James. When the reporter mentions how the tabloids will be amazed with Lively getting her pre-baby body back, Lively interjects,

“It’s so unfair, it’s so celebrated: ‘This is what someone looks like after having a baby.’ And I think a woman’s body after having a baby is pretty amazing. You don’t have to be Victoria’s Secret-ready right away. You’ve just done this incredible miracle that life has to offer. You gave birth to a human being. I would really like to see that celebrated.”

When you think about it, it would be offensive to celebrity mothers when the media shines a limelight on their bodies rather than the real miracle and accomplishment of bringing another person into the world. Not to mention the weird comments about how Lively is famous for being “Mrs. Ryan Reynolds” … and the observation of her being “exquisitely dressed” for a junket interview in a gown and denim jacket.