The Distance You Need To Run to Reap the Most Health Benefits Is Shockingly Small

I hate it when my friends brag about how long they ran for and how often they run because ‘I don’t care’. You know what? Shame on them for running half a marathon every second day because when you run 9.6kms a week, that’s the optimum amount to reap the most health benefits.

According to a meta-analysis done by Mayo Clinic, the people who ran a few times a week which logged around 6 miles (9.65 kms) in total, acquired the same benefits as people who ran more than that.

Those who ran over 20 miles a week had increased cardiovascular benefits. However, they were associated with increased heart dysfunction, risk of injury and death.

Running is really good for you as it decreases the risk of depression and increases self-confidence. Just remember, like everything, it’s best in moderation.

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