There’s A Website That Judges How Hot You Are

Swiss app startup Blinq is the new dating app that assesses the age, gender and attractiveness of the user who then will be able to flag up equally aesthetically appealing singles at nearby bars and clubs.

According to Tech Crunch, the robotically judged hotness can be accessed via which has racked up more than two million unique visits. “We are going to integrate the algorithm in the Blinq app,” co-founder Jan Berchtold tells TechCrunch. “The users will have the possibility to upload several images before they set up their account. By doing so they can test which of them will probably perform better.”

Before you start commenting about how terrible or how much of a lie it is, perhaps read the Tech Crunch article about Blinq first. It’s basically a more time-effective Tinder.

See how “hot” you are here.



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