This Regularly Consumed Food Makes You Less Likely To Exercise

Researchers at the University of Illinois have reported that fructose decreases physical activity and increases body fat. Fructose is commonly found in processed foods and is metabolized in a different way to simple glucose. If you thought you got a “sugar rush” from munching down a choc bar, this apparently is a mere myth.

The study reports that “fructose consumption is associated with weight gain, fat deposition and impaired cognitive function.” Comparing the difference between two diets of the same caloric intake, the animals that were fed fructose displayed a much high body weight, liver mass and fat mass than those in the glucose group.

The study concludes that fructose, “in the absence of excess energy intake, increases fat deposition and BW potentially by reducing physical activity, without impacting hippocampal neurogenesis or cognitive function.”

So when you consume fructose, which is hidden in everyday foods such as yoghurt, dressings and even bread, you become too lazy to get up and work it off.