This Is The Super Cheap/Free Accessory Everyone Wants

The latest accessory is definitely something unexpected. Beauty Brand Glossier’s packaging includes a pink bubble padded zip pouch to hold the goodies they sell. Major fashion influencer Leandra Medine was using this pouch as a clutch during Paris Fashion Week. Racked pointed out which one you would rather go for, the Jimmy Choo pink bubble wrap-inspired bag which is $950? Or Glossier’s packaging.



Collage Vintage

Due to the popularity of these “clutches”, Glossier are now selling a 5-pack for $20USD. I mean, they’d probably last a day or two while Jimmy Choo’s bag is actually a bag that will last you a bit longer than a zip lock bag. Next time you’re in the U.S., you can stock up on these cute little pouches or you can buy Glossier’s products via Net-a-Porter.

When the entire shoot makes final selects 🤔

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