10 Thoughts We Had While Watching Fifty Shades Darker

Everyone was pretty excited for the new Fifty shades movie, whether it is because they were looking for a good belly laugh or whether they were genuinely looking forward to seeing whether Anastasia and Christian rekindle their love in Fifty Shades Darker.

My best friend and I headed along to watch Fifty Shades Darker, ice cream in hand because how else do you watch a cheeky chick flick?

The cinema was (almost) full of girls with some brave boyfriends holding their hand, seriously I had no chance at getting my boyfriend along how did they manage that? Actually… don’t answer that.

Full disclaimer: I was one of those girls who read the book, so I was pretty excited to see how the book came to life.

So, first thing first we need to address whether the film was as cringe-worthy as it’s predecessor – in short yes. Although, it wasn’t as bad as the last one (even if my bff was holding in laughter the whole time, I’ve always been a little more into cheesy rom-coms then her). Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson seemed to have a bit more of a connection and you started to ship them.

Next up, last time the story line was lacking, but this time you do feel like there is a story to follow – complete with a little thriller and action (not just in the bedroom, come on this film can be a little more than that).

So, what did we really think of Fifty Shades Darker? Here are a few of our thoughts from the movie:

  1. Here we go, Christian being a creeper stalking Anastaia and buying all the paintings (minor detail and if you didn’t see it coming from the get-go of that gallery opening scene then I am sorry).
  2. How is his wife okay with him being so … close to her?
  3. Also, how do they film these sex scenes and not laugh?
  4. How can she wear a dress with no underwear and have no nipples showing, yet the second that dress slips off headlights are on full beam?
  5. Christina got cheesy, these romantic one liners are so Mills & Boon. He also became a even more arrogant.
  6. There is a lot less sex in this movie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here for the S&M! This was just more love-making then red-room kinda stuff. (There is still the more S&M
  7. Not sure if I am laughing with them or at them … either way some of these one liners are pretty hilarious.
  8. This is a really good soundtrack.
  9. Damn, these two move fast!
  10. I enjoyed that more than I expected I would.

When all was said and done, we left not feeling like we had wasted 2 hours of our lives so that was a good start! It was more like 2 hours of complete escapism from your life and I might even be as brave to say it won’t win the award for worst film of the year this time round.

On the other hand, the cast looked incredible at the Fifrty Shades Darker red carpet.






Image Credits: Instagram