This Is The 2016 Tattoo Trend You Should Know About

Trends come and go, in most cases all you have to do to catch up is drop a little cash and make some room in your wardrobe. In this case, it involves a little more cash and a lot more pain than just parting from a few clothing pieces you adore.

Tattoos are life-long accessories that you better love. Each year everyone is seen sporting a similar tattoo purely because it is ‘on-trend’ and once you see the tattoo of the year you will probably do the same.

According to Pinterest watercolour tattoos are up 70% and giving the basic black designs a run for their money.

When you see them you will not be surprised, in fact why don’t you have one? The watercolour designs are so blooming pretty that I would forgo my irrational fear of needles and make myself sit still.

Need some inspo? Pinterest has you covered.






Image Credits: Instagram / @karolinaturek


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