Beyonce Could Face Some Heat After The Working Conditions For Her Clothing Range Are Uncovered

Everyone was filled with excitement when Beyonce’s clothing range hit Top Shop, and why wouldn’t you be, she had got into the market of athleisure and we could not wait to get out hands on a pair.

The whole world was the same, outraged when anything was sold out. But very little people thought about the hands that made their clothes, until now.

A 22-year-old sewing machine operator the Daily Mail that all they do is “work, sleep, work, sleep.”

“We don’t have our own kitchen or shower, it’s just a small bedroom. We have to share the shower block with the men so there isn’t much privacy. It is shocking and many of the women are very scared.”

The female seamstresses pay 4,000 rupees ($88) a month to stay in a boarding house near the factory, the Sun on Sunday revealed.

This comes out of there 18,500 rupees ($408) monthly salary, which while is low compared to the average Sri Lanka wage of 43,000 rupees ($949.50), it is not breaking any laws as the minimum wage is 13,500 ($298) rupees a month.

A Topshop spokesperson spoke to the Sun and said that “Ivy Park has a rigorous ethical trading programme.” They added that the retailer “expect our suppliers to meet our code of conduct and we support them in achieving these requirements.”

There is yet to be any word from Beyonce or further information about the workers claims.