Jennifer Lawrence Just Shared the Time She “Humiliated Myself More Than I Ever Have Before”

As an actress who has tripped up on red carpet events more than anyone else, you would not think Jennifer has a lot of other humiliating moments to share.

However, on Friday the actress appeared on The Graham Norton Show and shared the time she “humiliated myself more than I ever have before”.

“For the first time ever in my career, I never assume anyone knows who I am. And I saw Harrison ford and J.J Abrhams and I was like ‘Yeah, that’s fine. We’re all co-workers.’

And I approached there table and the whole table was like,” Jen started to dance like a crazy woman at this point in the story.

“And so I realised while I was dancing they have no idea who I am so I just walked back.”

Watch for yourself below.

Image Credits: Graham Norton Show


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