Kate Middleton Showed Her Husband And Brother-In-Law Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Her

The Duchess of Cambridge was joined by Prince Harry and Prince Williams in donning gloves for an impromptu sparring match at the inaugural heads together event.

They joined three times world champion boxer Duke McKenzie MBE, who told the Daily Mail she had a ‘mean right jab’.

In fact, Duke said Kate was better than both William and Harry.

 “She’s better than the pair of them because she’s more technical. Ladies don’t go for power. They rely on speed and technique and that generates your power,” he explained.

“She was better than the pair of them technically. Hands-down! Not just her beauty by the way — the way she carries herself with her hands up and chin down a little bit. I think she’s done this before.”

Prince Harry also challenged the former professional boxer to a match.

According to Duke “Harry packs a punch.”

“Harry was giving me the eye and I think Harry wanted to take me out but I had to let him know who the real Duke was…Harry wanted to know if I could make a return and come out of retirement and if me and him could do ten rounds but I said ‘no, your highness I can’t do that because you might knock me out and embarrass me.

He was loving every minute of it. A really genuine guy.”


Poor William, outdone by his brother and his wife!