Kylie Jenner Is Responsible For The Revival Of This Tragic 00’s Fashion Trend

Kylie Jenner is not shy of the belfies, or in her case the booty shot with the shy-pouty over the shoulder look. It gets all the peach emoji’s and it deserves it.

One of her more recent booty shots is not only showing off her curves, but one of the more tragic trends to come out of the 00’s.

That’s right, say hello to Juicy diamante bottoms …


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A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

I have to admit, I am guilty of having owned one of these velour tracksuits. In fact, I just threw it out a few weeks ago after years of not wearing it and I am kicking myself a little.

If you don’t believe us that people actually want a Juicy butt, Topshop is already on the ball.

Track is back guys.

Clothes over bros ✨ Regram @butusofa #imsojuicy #TRACKISBACK

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I mean, pop princess Paris Hilton is on board!

And the NYE countdown begins 🎉 @parishilton Regram @princeandjacob

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Image Credits: Instagram / Kylie Jenner