New Survey Reveals That Men Actually Love Gift-Giving At Christmas

When Christmas roles around each year most males I know go into shut-down mode. Maybe it is the fact they are thinking of their impending visit to the mall where they have to shop…something we all know most men despise.

Funnily enough, a recent survey completed by EliteSingles has shown that men actually love ‘love’ at Christmas. Not only do 69% of men think it is a great time for their S.Os to meet their family (opposed to 51% of women), men also are more likely to want to spend the festive season in a couple.

Women on the other hand think that there is a little bit too much pressure at this time, especially if you have to take a plate – you know your trifle is good, but can it rival his nanas?

Despite this, 45% of men think Christmas is the worst time of the year to  be single while 52% of women share this thought. It’s all those romantic Christmas movies!

According to the survey, men are also more enthusiastic than women about exchanging Christmas presents (not what I was expecting!!) 75% of men surveyed think that it’s important to buy Christmas presents for a new partner, compared with just 61% of women.

It seems that men are also happier so give bigger more expensive gifts earlier in the relationship, say within the first month of dating, with 14% of men thinking it is ok, opposed to just 6% of women.

Who would of thought men were more romantic when it comes to Christmas! This has however had a negative affect on new relationships, with 38% of women revealing they were made to feel uncomfortable by receiving a fancy gift too soon into a relationship, my bet is that men just opt for jewellery or perfume because it is such a simple gift, that just happens to be a little pricey.


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