Who Should Pay For The Bridesmaid Dress? The Bride or the Bridesmaid…

Weddings are stressful even for the most zen-I-take-life-as-it-comes kind of person. The whole affair can turn you into a bridezilla and while it is meant to be the happiest time of your life, it can alienate friends and cause all sorts of awkward discussions. Namely, when you have bridesmaids who is expected to pay for the dress? (and the shoes, hair, makeup, nails, travel to and from the wedding if they are overseas.)

Of course, your friend wants to be there for you and would move heaven and earth to be there with you on your big day with the perfect dress, hair-do, mani and shoes. But in some circumstances weddings can be expensive for everyone involved.

My experience for example was incredibly good. I was still a student so I had to pay for the backward and forward trips and my shoes – which the bride simply wanted to be white so we could buy, beg or borrow. Everything else, she covered.

Obviously this is not always possible, money and circumstances are so varying that it is a huge stress.

Tradition would have it that the bridesmaids foot the bill for their dress and generally the accessories as well.

Obviously this can play a huge roll in what you pick – a $300 marshmallow pink puffy dress that no one will wear again? Asking your bridesmaids to foot this bill might seem a little awkward and unfair. A dress they will wear again? A little less awkward. In reality, it all comes down to how much you expect them to buy for their ensemble. Save money by letting them wear any shoe that is a certain colour or give them their wedding day earrings as a bridesmaid dress and it is a win-win.

In the office we had a chat about it and our verdict is: split it or pay up to a certain amount. 

At the end of the day it is a logical decision and one you need to put yourself in. How would you feel if you had to buy a dress, shoes, earrings, hair/makeup – oh and get them a gift.

A plus is that at the moment the mismatched look is in, so give your bridesmaids a budget of what you will provide and a colour and let them pick a dress that suits them – or go along with them …Here is some bridesmaid dress inspo for dresses your bridesmaids will want to wear again.


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