People Shared The Worst Dates They Have Ever Been On And It Will Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should

Laughing till you cry and shuddering at the memory of a bad date are all part in parcel of the dating game. We have all been there, maybe you winded the guy by kicking a table into him (totally accidentally) or maybe you went in for a ‘let’s be friends’ hug and he went in for a peck on the lips. Whatever the case, we have all been there. Although it seems some of us have been there a heck of a lot worst than others.

People took to Reddit to share their worst date stories and my goodness, these are some of the most terrifying/hilarious/downright wrong stories I have heard in my life.

1. Probably the guy who lit people on fire and thought it was funny. I met this guy on a paid dating site, and he seemed normal so I agreed to meet for lunch. At lunch we are chatting and he tells me that he’s kind of known as an asshole (red flag one). He explains that he’s kind of gruff and this one time a coworker says, “Does somebody need a hug?” My date tells the guy that if he hugs him, he will light his shirt on fire. So the big happens and he lights the guy’s shirt on fire. He’s laughing hysterically and says he’s done this 2 other times (red flag 2). I’m like WTF, but I want to see what else he has to say.
– Dearsweettea

2. I had recently gone through a pretty horrible breakup and was filling my time with lectures and gallery openings. I ended up going to what I thought was a networking conversation but ended up being some kind of date thing. I had a presentation at work that day so was fairly dressed up but my usual look was toned down. The first thing this guy said was “You’re wearing less eyeliner than last time I saw you. Good.” I was too awkward to leave right then and there, so we started walking to dinner. He then informed me that “I shouldn’t have worn heels for him” because I was walking “like a dog that someone had put socks on.”
– lindseysometimes

3. Met my date at a wine bar thinking we were going to have a regular person date. Things were going regular until he pulled out his bible and started reading me all the parts where a woman’s place is in the kitchen serving men. Then after I said I needed to go home he walked me outside where he proceeded to take his shirt off to show me his lighthouse tattoos. It was so weird and awkward.
– 1799gwd

4. Girl came in the theater talking on the phone, didn’t hang up till the trailers and then proceeded to text 3 people simultaneously, calling one of them baby. At this point I was ready to walk out on her I don’t why I didn’t and then as soon the movie ended she called and talked to someone the whole time while I was driving her home. It was so damn disrespectful and rude.
– Stinky_Whizzleteats

5. Not me, but a friend of mine. He took this girl out to The Cheesecake Factory as an eighth grader. They sat down, and when the waiter came over, he just asked for water, nothing else, and wouldn’t let his date order anything. She was pissed, and confused to say the least. So the waiter brought their water, and my friend sent him on his way. My friend takes the water, dumps it on his date, and says, “I just watered a beautiful flower.” The girl walked out right there.
– FantasticCynic

6. I went on a date through Tinder once and the girl ordered herself an expensive entree and appetizer, plus a few beers. When the bill came it was around $100 for both of us. I paid because I hadn’t been on a date in a while and she was nice. But she then told me she wouldn’t go out with me again because I’m an Atheist and she can’t be seen dating one of those. Which is fine, I get religion is important to people. She then tried to advise me on how to be better at dating and talking to women. She also said that no matter what the man should always pay and that it’s insulting if a girl is asked to pay at all and told me a “horror story” about a guy who asked her if she could pay the tip. The next day and even a few days after the date she was still texting me with advise, and also sending me books meant to persuade my beliefs. And then even though she said she wouldn’t want to date me again, and I nicely told her the same thing, she told me she’d let me buy her dinner again so she can give me more advise on dating. She was also in her late 30s.
– Justiroth

7. My girlfriend’s sister was taken on a date that the guy drove to a local supermarket parking lot, parked the car, and then took a nap. That’s the worst date I’ve heard of.
– vinuash

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