This Is The Most Pinned Engagement Ring And It Is A Beauty

Sparkles catch a girls eye like nothing else, so it no surprise that whether we are planning and engagement or as single as anything we like to dreamily look at engagement rings.

You are not alone, after all, how many people do you think have a secret ‘wedding’ board on Pinterest! While I have no stats, I guarantee it is high.

Thanks to Hello Giggles we know know the most-pinned engagement ring on Pinterest, it has 63,000 pins.

The ring is intricate, with so much detail and embellishments. It is even as pretty from the side as it is from the top.

The ring belongs to Raymond Lee Jewelers and they have some pretty incredible rings in general.


Impeccable details 💍

A photo posted by Raymond Lee Jewelers (@raymondleejwlrs) on

Because we all can appreciate a triple band engagement ring with those perfect rose gold details 😍😍💞💞💍💍✨✨

A photo posted by Raymond Lee Jewelers (@raymondleejwlrs) on

You’re one of a kind 💞

A photo posted by Raymond Lee Jewelers (@raymondleejwlrs) on

Add that to the list!

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