PSA: A Gin and Tonic Sweet Shop Has Popped Up And It’s Time To Book A Plane Ticket

If there is one thing we know will catch anyone’s attention it is a G&T. The world is going crazy for this drink later, no matter whether it comes as a popsicle or an Easter egg (yes, you read that right!)

It is no surprise then that when I was tagged in the announcement for a pop-up sweet shop that sold G&T lollies I saw many friends also commenting. After all, who doesn’t love a cheeky G&T.

All I can say is pack your bags before you read this, because you will be getting a one way ticket to London town.

The geniuses of the boozy confectionery world, Smith & Sinclair , are bringing their ‘cocktail bar’ to Carnaby Street this month (we told you to make sure your bags were already packed).

You will be like a kid in a candy store when you walk into the Flavour Rooms on Carnaby Street. Not only can you load up on G&Ts pastilles, but you can snack on alchohol-infused sherbet dip daps (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a lolly pop in a bag with dipping sherbet.) Yum.

The most important thing, yet strange, thing is the G&T vapour in a perfume bottle. Yup, that is edible perfume …


Image Credits: Instagram / smthandsnclr


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