Ryan Reynolds Shared Tips For Expectant Dads And It Is Hilarious

If there is one thing we can place a winning bet on it is that Ryan Reynolds has become the king of dad jokes since the birth of his first daughter with Blake Lively. Now that he is now dad to two daughters, his jokes have skyrocketed to a whole new hilarious, tears-rolling-down-your-face level.

The actor recently shared a few tips for expectant fathers to help them be the best at their child’s birth. His wisdom exceeds him and he should most definitely write a parenting book. The best tip by far: “You really want to realise that you’re pretty much the least important thing in the room.”

Keeping it oh so real, Ryan did have one golden nugget that has to remembered by all expectant dads: you should be in the room when it is all happening in other words, show up.