This Is The Most Stress-Free Way For Business Travelers To Get To The Airport

If you travel for business you are probably making your way to the airport multiple times a month. Trailing the short or long-term car park looking for somewhere to park your car, only to return hoping that your battery hasn’t gone flat. On the other hand you might be partial to taking a taxi, which is easier on the stress but not so easy on the wallet.

There is another solution though, and it doesn’t rely on you sweet talking your significant other to take you to the airport.

SkyBus makes trips to the airport convenient, cheaper and sustainable and now they offer corporate deals, which are up to 75% cheaper than a taxi.

The buses leave every 10 minutes, 7 days a week, and they get to make use of the bus lanes during peak-hour travel.

If you are a corporation that sends people on business trips or someone who regularly travels for business you can make use of the corporate pricing.

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