ICYMI: There’s Underwear That Can Replace Sanitary Products And It Is Genius

It’s time to be real with one another, no subject is off limits after all. Especially one that affects every women at some stage of their life – That’s right, periods. No, these aren’t glamourous. Yes, they are uncomfortable. But, they are happening all around us and not going anywhere, ever. They are a part of life, yet, when we need to borrow a tampon we have to skulk to a friend or work colleague and ask in a hushed tone as to not offend anyone.

In the hope to spark a revolution and change the way people think about periods, and feel during them, THINX has come up with period pants. Made up of four bits of technology, these are anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant. How you wear them is up to you. You can wear them with your tampon or menstrual cup on heavy days, or just wear the best style of underwear for your flow.

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Long gone the ‘period’ pants, you know, the old, slightly nana-ish pants you save for ‘that time of the month’. THINX pants come in hip hugger, high-waist, boy short, sport, cheeky and thong and each hold different tampon-amounts of blood. Of course, the whole point is for reusable underwear, so with a simple cold water wash immediately after use you can add them to your washing pile and waa-laa! A new way of looking and feeling on your period.

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Peek-a-boo feat. The Hiphugger 😘

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It all started in 2014 and now THINX is selling over 300 of their most popular style – the hiphugger – every 24-hours. Thinx has started, and is now part of, a revolution, both in the way we feel when we have our periods and the way we discuss periods.

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