These Are The Features Women Are Most Attracted To In Men

When you are walking down the street or down the beach you can not help yourself, you eyes wander and admire the male specimen. So what is it that makes someone stand out from the crowd and cause a woman’s eyes to linger?

Believe it or not scientists have actually studied this! By using technology that tracks eye movement, researchers were able to tell where women’s eyes linger on men. Men’s Health shared the top things that cause a girl’s heart to miss a beat.

On the beach, a woman looks at a mans abs, face and then their shoulders and biceps. Explains our appreciation of Chris Hemsworth!

On the street? The most popular thing women look at his eyes, mouth, hands, height and then his style.

But according to the study there is one thing a woman can not turn away from and that is a man’s confidence. So next time you notice your self admiring the man strutting down the street, that is why!