This Is How Makeup Alters The Ways Women’s Characters Are Judged

When you stand in front of the mirror and meticulously apply your makeup there are many thoughts going through your mind – how does it look, is my eyeliner even, are my eyebrows on fleek and have I overdone the contouring? You probably aren’t thinking about how other people’s perceptions of you will change when you walk out of the door with your makeup. While you shouldn’t care what others think, it is important to note that people have a lot of varying, and strong opinions.

A new study revealed that the perceptions men and women have of women in make up differ – a lot.

Men percieve women in makeup as more prestigious, whereas other women view makeup-wearers as more dominant — and more promiscuous.

The study was composed of two stages. The first asked a handful of women and men to rate other women’s faces for levels of attractiveness, prestige and dominance.

For the most part the men and women agreed on the makeup-wearers attractiveness, where as men rated as higher prestige.

The second stage investigated whether these “enhanced perceptions of dominance from women were caused by jealousy”.  The results showed that women tend to experience more jealousy toward other women who are dolled up. The other interesting part was that women interpreted this made up appearance as a sign that the makeup wearer was  “more attractive to men and more promiscuous.”

Where is the female love?