This Teens Diary From When She Was 7 Is Going Viral

When we were 7 we all had diaries, full of our deepest, darkest secrets! Like our crush, what we thought of our parents and how we felt about the Spice Girls latest outfits. This 7-year-old had a pretty incredible diary, one that she has shared with the internet.

Madie Cadron, now 16, shared her diary that starts off talking about long-forgotten unrequited love.

Riley was after another girl on the playground, a girl called Jessica.


Photo credit: @Madiecardon


“She is such a player!” Cardon wrote in her diary. “She hugs at least five boys every day! I am so mad at her.”

Importantly she came up with a revenge plot, I think I will tell Riley her secret. She wears pull ups! After he finds out he won’t like her anymore.” Burn.

Valentines day approached, so what else to do other make a Valentine for Riley.


Photo credit: @Madiecardon

Unfortunately, she faced some serious heart break.

“Before Riley got to school I put it in his desk. When he got to school he looked in his desk he found my box. I wrote anonymous on it so he wouldn’t know it was from me. Right when he looked at it [he threw] it away. I am still crying. I have depression.”

The poor girl!

Sadly, it just kept getting worst.


Photo credit: @Madiecardon


Her image, shooting boys, fantastic!

Image Credits: Paramount Pictures


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