Your Ultimate Teen Heart-throb Is Writing A Romance Novel And Your Dreams Just Came True

Ahhhh, flashback to the ’90s when you were laying on your bed writing in your fluffy diary with your gel pens, Spice Girls belting out in the background and your Chad Michael Murray poster staring down at you.

After witnessing the charm that Chad had in Cinderella Story, Freaky Friday and of course, One Tree Hill, we were in love.

Flash forward a bit and Chad has been quiet until now!

Not only did he just announce that he is expecting a child with his wife Sarah Roemer, he is also co-writing a romance novel.

Chad told Us Weekly he is co-writing a book titled American Drifter with Heather Graham, and it is due out November 2017.

Apparently the book was “inspired by a dream” he had.

“Also, at that time, I had been searching for a story that would resonate with the youth of the world in a way that would make us feel the light and excitement for adventure. ‘American Drifter’ became a combination of those two journeys merging together with Rio de Janeiro setting the stage for an adventure thriller romance,” he said.

This could go one of two ways; it could be a lot like Fifty Shade of Grey in the sense that you don’t want to read it because let’s face it, it’s not well written, but you see yourself reading it anyway. Or, it could actually be really good and Chad might have taken more from his role as Luca Scott, writer.

Chad’s co-writer, Heather Graham is a best-selling American writer who writes primarily romance novels – it’s seeming more and more promising as time goes by! In the mean time why not read Heather’s ‘Darkest Journey’ or ‘Deadly Fate’ to prepare yourself.

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