9 Hotel Bars That Need To Be On Your Travel Shortlist

Opening a bar is hard. Especially if you’re going from the ground up. You need to get a good customer base going, have a good range of beers and spirits, and above all, set yourself apart from the competition. The trend nowadays seems to be leaning toward the boutique, classy establishment, and these bars from around the world prove it. A good way to get instant traffic is to set yourself up in a hotel, particularly an already-known chain. But then you have to do something really unique to not be “the hotel bar.” You want to be the bar people go to the hotel to. If you’re a traveler or a future bar-owner, then have a look at what the world already offers:

A beer and a game of pool doesn’t quite cut it here.

These are the places where you recline in leather-wrapped chairs or gaze over a cityscape, hundreds of feet up.

Perhaps you have a whisky with your nose filled with the woody, musky smell of an old building.