Why do Chuck’s have extra holes in them?

I’ve always been a Converse girl. Yes, I know they aren’t the most comfortable but they always manage to look cool. High-top, low-top, or my new current fave – the All Star Lean, this trusty sneaker is one which pretty much manages to tick all the boxes when it comes to my idea of sneaker happiness.

But for Chuck owners the world you’ve probably asked yourself at one time or another: What the heck are those extra holes for? Those mysterious ones built into the sides that must be there for some reason, although no one seems to quite know why.

That is until now, dear Chuck aficionados. It turns out the designers at Converse put those holes there for a very good reason, in fact two very good reasons.

First, smelly feet. Although this one seems quite obvious. The sneakers were originally made for playing basketball and the extra holes were added allowed air to get into the shoe so they were much more breathable, and basically helped to stop your feet from getting sweaty, and then stinking up your shoe.

The second use: it’s all about that lace. That’s right. Extra holes mean you can get extra creative with your lacing technique. Think wild zigzagging combos if out there lacing is your jam.

YouTube tutorials are available if you really want to get to grips with out there lacing combos with plenty of how-to-guides offering unique and interesting ideas.