A Pregnant 14-Year-Old Was Killed By Her Boyfriend

Chiara Pez is a popular and jubilant Argentinian girl from Santa Fe. Her Instagram account depicts a life of a happy teenage girl who is close to her family and well-loved by her peers.

Then, one day, Chiara went missing.

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Many people in her home city, including her boyfriend Manuel Mansilla, went searching for Chiara. Finally, her beaten body was found in Manuel’s backyard. The teenager was eight weeks pregnant when she was buried alive.

Manuel confessed to his girlfriend’s murder. Traces of drugs used in abortions were found in her body, so he was also charged with forced abortion. It is suspected that the murder occurred after the couple had a fight over her pregnancy. Standing at 170cm and weighing 70kgs, it is hard to believe that Manuel acted alone. His mother and her partner have since been arrested and are now under investigation for Chiara’s murder.

It is suspected that the murder occurred after the couple had a fight over her pregnancy.

Chiara’s death not only shook the hearts of all of her friends and family who loved her dearly ─ it shocked her entire country. Argentinians have come together in a social media movement, #NiUniMenos (Not One Less) to demand an end to the “femicides” and gender-related deaths, which have been dangerously on the rise.



Over 200,000 protesters filled the square outside the Congress in Buenos Aires, calling for tougher laws to fight violence against women. According to charities, a woman is murdered every 31 hours in Argentina, and cases of domestic abuse are rarely taken seriously by the police.

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