Emily Blunt’s 2-Year-Old Is Not On Board With Her Mums Baby Bump And It Is Hilarious!

Being introduced into the big sister club seems to be a bit of a struggle for younger siblings, something that Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are dealing with at the moment as their two-year-old daughter Hazel is not happy about her mums burgeoning bump.

“The first response when I said, ‘You know, Hazel, there’s a baby in there; you’re going to be a big sister…’ she looked at me, and she went ‘nope,'”

In an attempt to make her daughter feel a little less concerned about a new addition to the family Emily has been making special time for her daughter.

The two were having a bath together then Hazel said the most precious thing – that only a child can get away with!

We have many baths together, and I thought I was not yet at the point where my body was just really embarrassing to my child…so I got into the bath with her and she went, ‘Whoa, momma, big!’ and I went, ‘We are never bathing again.'”

Watch the full clip below.

Image Credits: Jimmy Kimmel / YouTube


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