Europe’s Stunning Underwater Museum Should Be On Your Bucket List

This may just be the ultimate ocean lovers dream. An entire underwater museum. Filled with eerie sculptures created by artist Jason Decaires Taylor.

Museo Atlantico opened at the start of this year. After two years of construction. It is the first underwater museum in Europe. It’s been created off the coast of the Canary Islands. Plus the sculptures can serve as an artificial reef for fish. In a bid to help replenish the ecosystem that’s been disappearing due to erosion.

For around $9 you can snorkel around the area.  Or $13 to scuba dive around this underwater wonderland for an hour. The sculptures themselves are very eerie and convey messages about the state of our oceans. It’s reminiscent to a real-life Atlantis.

One of the most stunning pieces is named “Portal”. It is a statue of a hybrid human animal creature that looks into a massive mirror. The mirror itself reflects the movement of the ocean’s surface. The mirror is specially designed to attract fish and other sea life.

Jason Decaires Taylor’s work also features off the coast of Mexico. In their own underwater museum and in the Bahamas. This is the first time that Europe has opened this kind of exhibition. He says he hopes by the end of it visitors will have a renewed sense of urgency around protection of our oceans.

This is definitely an adventure to put onto the bucket list.


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