Best Memory With My Mum

With Mother’s Day this weekend, we asked four inspiring ladies to tell us their best memories of the woman who raised them…
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Kelly Coe

Age: 34 | Occupation: Designer/Mummy

Best memory with my Mum: Camping every summer holidays at the lake, with our ski boat, pup tents, portaloos and BBQs. My whole family can barefoot waterski, including my mum – that’s not something everyone can say!

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Natalie Christensen

Age: 37
Occupation: Senior Winemaker, Yealands Estate

Best memory with my mum: Making pinch pots with clay in the back garden. Mum was always making clay creations in our garage on her wheel.

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Emma Harron

Age: 41
Occupation: Interiors Consultant

Best memory with my mum: Travelling through Italy with my Mum.

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Kate Walsh

Age: 40
Occupation: Director, Little Honey

Best memory with my mum: Being allowed to stay up to watch the Benson and Hedges Fashion Awards in the 80s together.

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[/column] [/columns_row] Taken from M2woman May/June 2017 issue – now there’s a great idea for Mum

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