Former Businessman Renovates 250 Million Year Old Cave Into Dream Home

Former businessman, and now modern caveman Angelo Mastropietro first came in contact with his new home in 1999 while he was caught in rain on a bike ride while in England.

Until the late 1940s when it was abandoned the cave was a 300 year old 3 bedroom house. Archaeologists have also confirmed that it may have been in its earliest form for 800 years.

250 million year old cave dream home (5)

Anyway, the 38 year old father of two returned to England ten years later after living in Australia and found the exact same cave in the paper for sale. This was obviously fate and he picked the place up for £62,000.

1000 hours of work, 80-tonnes of rock and £160,000 later the home now has Wi-Fi and everything you need to have a comfy home. A modern day Hobbit’s hole, as the caves in the area are said to have inspired Tolkien. Just to give you an idea of how hard it was it took 11-days to carve 5 feet of stone for a doorway between two rooms.

250 million year old cave dream home (1)

Talking to Channel 4’s Grand Designs Mastropietro said he loved working on the place.

“I love a challenge. Coincidentally my surname actually means Master of the Stones, so you know maybe it’s in my blood.

“The rock house came along and without a shadow of a doubt I was as passionate about that as I was about setting up my company.

250 million year old cave dream home (4)

Mr Mastropietro added: “I think when you’re actually here and you see it in person, you get a feel for the place. You know people have literally been in tears. So I feel incredibly happy.

“Very proud, very honoured and yeah, it’s been a very inspiring chapter I think.”

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