Gordon Ramsay Tries Girl Scout Cookies For The First Time

If there is one person you want to get to approve your meal, it is Gordon Ramsay. It is of course no easy feat as he is well known for his constant yelling and cruel one-liners.

But it seems that one of the biggest treats in America was unable to impress the Hell’s Kitchen chef.

We have all heard about Girl Scout cookies and most of us dream of trying one – even after Gordon Ramsay’s review.

The chef was presented with Girl Scout cookies and milk on Jimmy Kimmel, where he tried Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs for the first time.

It was off to a bad start with the chef stating “visually, they look like dog biscuits.”

Then it all went down hill…

“It tastes like a cheap after-dinner mint,” Ramsay said of the Thin Mints before spitting the cookie out.

The Tagalongs almost earned his approval, well … he did not spit them out so I assume that is his ‘approval’.

Watch the full clip below.

Image Credits: YouTube


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