Jennifer Lopez’s Twins Are Not Impressed That Their Mum Is J.Lo

Jenny from the block has been with us our whole lives and we can wholeheartedly say we are impressed by the star that is Jennifer Lopez. But it seems some other people who have had her around their whole lives are not so impressed.

J.Lo’s twins, Max and Emme who just turned eight, “don’t care at all” about their mums fame.

The singer, actress, American Idol judge and dancing Vegas headliner boasts an impressive list of accomplishments, but her twins are only just starting to understand how major of a celebrity their mum is.

“They heard from school because kids will say things at school now like ‘Your mom’s famous,’ or ‘My teacher loves you, is your big fan’ things like that,” she told Seth Meyers on the Late Night show.

The twins have seen their mum and their dad, Marc Anthony, perform but do not think much of it.

“They don’t care. They don’t care at all. I’m like ‘Mommy needs to work.’ They’re like, ‘WHY.'”

Jennifer’s response, “So we can eat and stuff!”

Kids will be kids, and all they care about it time with their parents. Not the fact that the world needs J.Lo’s naked dresses and killer-dance moves.

Watch the full interview below.

Image Credits: Just Jared


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