Khloe Kardashian Mocks Kourtney’s Lifestyle

Kourtney Kardashian has always been the most health conscious of the family, but it seems younger sister Khloe thinks some of these ‘lifestyle rules’ are barbaric.

Khloe shared some of Kourtney’s rules on her app and took the time to share her opinions of these rules.

No fizz at all
Kourtney “does not allow soda in her house,” she has even gone as far as to try and ban it in all her sister’s homes too.
Khloe’s response: “LOL. Give me a break, Kourt! It’s not like it’s drugs – it’s a soda!!!”

Go organic
Kourtney often talks about going organic multiple times on the family show, but it seems she will go as far as throwing food away in Khloe’s home is she’s suspicious of where it comes from.
Khloe explained: “I think it’s important to eat organic, but there are definitely times when I run to my local big-box store for groceries.
“When that happens, Kourtney will straight-up look through my fridge and if she sees something that is not organic, she’ll give it away!”

Only silk for Kourtney
It is not just what she puts into her body that is a concern to Kourtney, but also where she lays her head at night.
Khloe’s response: This is one thing she is happy to do as she found out they “prevent wrinkles”.

No plastic allowed!
If you are a fan of Tupperware and have a dedicated draw or cupboard, Kourtney would definitely not be impressed explained Khloe.
Glass only we’re afraid.

Or microwaves…
Bizarrely enough, this is one of the rules that annoys Khloe the most.
Khloe explained: “My sis does not believe in my microwaves’, says Khloe. ‘She got rid of hers, and wants me to heat up everything on the stove. F*ck that! Who has the time?!”

Ezekiel bread is your new favourite thing
Cannot say we have heard of this, but according to Kourtney this loaf of grains, lentils and soya beans is the only way to go.
Khloe’s thoughts: “There definitely cannot be any extra flavour in breads.”
“Kourtney has told me that I need to be eating Ezekiel Bread. And I listen to her and do it – that’s why she likes me! I’m the only one who listens, LOL!”

Living like Kourtney would not work very well for us.

Image Credits: ET Online


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